Who am I? You sure you want to know? As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a film director. Did I just quote Spider-Man and kinda Goodfellas in the same line? Maaaybe…

I direct shorts, have worked on a couple of features as photographer and assistant director, photograph things, write and edit films. In my spare time I’m either at the cinema, sleeping or watching Netflix. Very occasionally I may go out into the world and pretend to be a real person. It is important to keep this pretence up so people don’t find out that I’m really a grumpy badger. Just joking. I do enjoy going out. So I can hop on the train home and snuggle down preferably in an empty carriage with a book, film or Netflix.

I’m not sure whether to put a picture up of myself so I’ll think about that for awhile and get back to you.

This is just a place to discuss films, maybe tv and random thoughts. Feel free to join me 😉

Chin chin

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